Demountable StageAs well as our fabulous facilities we can also help out with some of the equipment you might require to complete your function.  We have a range of chairs and tables that are freely available for every booking at no extra charge, these can be arranged in any way that suits your function.

As well as those we also have the following available for a small additional fee:

  • Projector
  • Bunting
  • Coloured Lights

We also have a demountable stage that can be made available, it is a modular stage system which can be set up in various formations providing a level stage at a height of 550mm or steps can be incorporated if required. For conferences, concerts and parties a different arrangement can be provided with the stage along a side or end wall of the hall depending on the event requirements. The stage can be erected for you or alternatively technical assistance and training can be provided.

Each module of the stage measures 2m x 1m and there are 10 modules available including 4 half panels.