The Strathglass & Affric Community Company Ltd (SACC) was set up in June 2009 to enable the local community to take on the running and management of the hall in Cannich.
A few months later we achieved charitable status and over three years on, we have  a membership of more than 270 people. The SACC is a volunteer organisation and open to all members of the public, if you are wanting to join then please fill out the form
Although the company is, as it were, the ‘official body’ that owns the hall, we only do so on behalf of the community. To that end we are like stewards and our aim is to ensure that, by owning and running its own hall, the local communities which use it are able to thrive.

SACC has a board of 5-10 directors, each with special responsibilities. Meetings take place once a month when the various sub-groups (grant applications, events & fund raising, housekeeping and maintenance) report back.  In addition to the directors other key volunteers from the community regularly help with organizing and running fund raising events. The company has one paid post which is part-time and covers meeting hall customers, opening and closing up, care-taking, cleaning and minor maintenance.